The term “echo chamber” has probably never been used as often as it has over the past year. People on both sides have decried the reality that most Americans live insulated in their own bubbles, seldom being exposed to opposing viewpoints of any real depth. 

Most recently, we have seen the far-left viciously attack Parler, a social media alternative to Facebook and Twitter who routinely suppress conservatives on their platforms. Corporate media outlets have used a variety of different smear tactics against the company, but one of the most common complaints is that it is an echo chamber for conservatives. 

They’re right. Parler is a conservative echo chamber. 

But what these activists poorly-disguised as journalists fail to mention is the fact that it is individuals on their side of the political divide that created the need for a platform like Parler. Companies like Twitter and Facebook are almost entirely staffed by far-leftists in northern California. 

The individuals responsible for moderating and censoring content on these platforms have no qualms with wielding their authority in a decidedly biased manner. My own suspension from Twitter is a stark example of what conservatives already know: Leftists get away with far more on social media than conservatives do. 

A black Democrat can refer to blacks on the right as “Uncle Tom” and “Coon,” but if I make fun of these folks, I am the one who is suspended. My story isn’t even the worst of it. 

Don’t get it twisted: The far-left is not concerned about the growth of echo chambers. Indeed, they are very much in favor of echo chambers, as long as they are the ones controlling them. The question is: How far are they willing to go to ensure that the only echo chambers that exist are theirs? And what will happen when conservatives fight back?