So, Stefan Molyneux is now banned from both YouTube and Twitter.

I’m no fan of the alleged philosopher, nor will I miss his presence. It doesn’t take much of a deep dive to discover that he has a history of making racist comments and promoting racist theories.

He is a proponent of the race realism theory regarding racial disparities related to IQ levels. This debunked theory serves as fodder for white supremacists who believe minorities to be genetically inferior.

Moreover, despite claiming to be against the state, he has an apparent affinity for statism when the government kills a black person. His videos on Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd demonstrate that he was far more outraged at the past histories of these two men than he was at the state’s involvement in both of these cases. Put simply, he just followed the Candace Owens playbook and focused on the victim’s past to dehumanize him and distract from the state’s wrongdoing.

Molyneux’s banning is not likely to raise hackles except from a small few on the right. After all, there aren’t many who will miss him due to his racist content. But this leads me to my ultimate concern.

I have no doubt in my mind that the de-platforming of people like Molyneux and Alex Jones is just the beginning. These are easy targets, individuals who appeal only to the fringe elements on the right.

But they will not stop at silencing people who happen to have abhorrent views. This is likely a lead-up to something much worse.

As we already know, companies like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are run and staffed by progressives. Over and over again, the far left has shown that they are more interested in shutting down opposing voices than winning through debate and persuasion.

Several left-leaning journalists have written op-eds arguing for laws against “hate speech,” which they would likely define as any views that contradict their own. Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is trying to pressure Facebook to censor Trump’s campaign ads. On college campuses, leftist activists have gone so far as to use violence to shut down right-leaning speakers.

The list of examples goes on and on.

I am loathe to suggest government intervention as I would prefer a free-market solution. It seems to me that a massive backlash from the right could give these companies pause. After all, we spend money with advertisers too, right?

Right now, there isn’t much of a movement to push back against the left’s efforts to censor us. While many have suggested migrating to Parler, it doesn’t seem that this movement is doing anything to move the needle.

But I do think that the reason why we haven’t seen more pushback from the right is that these companies haven’t yet gone as extreme as we know they want to. Right now, it is only limited to people that most don’t like. But the battle will likely get more fierce when progressives intensify their censorious initiative against folks like you and me.

Imagine what it will be like when social media platforms begin banning people just for advocating for stricter immigration laws? What happens when these companies go after regular folks who push back against the gun control lobby? How will it be when the powers that be use their positions to suppress conservative voices en masse?

It will be at this point when the great backlash will occur. But my question is: Will it be too late?