Well, it looks like the presidential election is finally coming to an end. The Supreme Court dismissed Texas’ lawsuit challenging the election results in four key battleground states. The electoral college is expected to declare former Vice President Joe Biden the winner of the race on Monday. 

It’s over, folks. 

As much as my audience won’t want to hear this, Joseph Robinette Biden will be our next president and will take office on Jan. 20 next year. 

But while the election is concluded, the war is far from reaching its end. As much as wanted things to be different, it’s time to pivot and focus on what’s ahead. The Democrats have already gotten a head start on the next phase in America’s politics because the conservative side has been focused on its ill-fated attempt to overturn the election. 

But the question is: What’s next? 

Well, first it will be the Senate runoff elections in Georgia. The Democrats are fighting hard to win these races as they will decide which party controls the Senate. But the Republicans, for all their missteps, still stand the best chance of winning both races, so it is more likely that they will retain the Senate for the time being. 

The next battlefield will be the 2022 midterms, which will decide who controls both chambers of Congress, and by extension, it will determine how easy it will be for Biden and Kamala Harris to enact their agenda. 

But before that happens, both parties will have their own civil wars. On the Democrat side, the moderate establishment is squaring off against the far-left Democratic Socialist faction represented by “the Squad.” 

But on the conservative side, we have the establishment GOP facing the non-establishment types. This would include the MAGA crowd and conservatives who don’t consider themselves to be Trumpers, but still identify as conservatives. 

This battle will decide what 2022 looks like. Will the right continue to be dominated by the establishment, which is largely responsible for the perception that the Republican Party is for old white men? Or will the non-establishment faction succeed in reimagining the former Party of Lincoln and turning it into a bigger tent? 

Of course, there are other factors involved in this battle and its ramifications. But we can’t ignore the fact that this conflict is a fight for the soul of the party and will determine what the political landscape looks like in 2022.